Pokemon Go Essentials

We won’t bore you with the hype of PokemonGo. We’ll just inform you of the best products to use while playing the app with over 20 million users and counting! #PokeMahngo Mahngo Skin While your “pocket monster” sits at the brunch table/local bar luring them in, it might as well look cool! #MahngoGlow Mahngo 3D Curved…

Officially Announcing our Lifetime Warranty and New RMA Process!

Many of you are already familiar with the Lifetime Warranty on all ReVamp Wholesale parts, but we’ve now updated our RMA process to match! Moving forward, you will no longer be required to include an order number for your RMA.  Instead, you will be able to select the specific items and quantities you’re sending back To…

Repair Tip of The Week: Disconnecting Power During Repairs

Back in our repair shop days, our General Manager, Matt was our lead technician. Each week, he will be bringing some of his mobile device repair knowledge to you. On this week’s agenda-disconnecting power during repairs. When performing repairs on iPhones (and iPads), it is important to remove the power first.  During the days of…

Congrats to May’s Weekly Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the following weekly contest winners for the the month of May: James Ferrie Lynn Miller Matthew Brewer Robert Rodriguez They each won $25 worth of reward points to be used at ReVampWholesale.com! Thank you to everyone who placed orders this month! We will announce next month’s winners at the end of June.

Congrats to April’s Weekly Contest Winners!

A big congrats to the below ReVamp Wholesale customers who won the weekly drawing of $25 worth of reward points during the month of April: Adam Fullerton James O’Brien Brian Coak Anissa Kielinen Thank you to everyone who ordered from us this month. We’re looking forward to May and can’t wait to share all the…

Congrats to Our Weekly Contest Winner: Raymond Kinnick!

Congrats to our weekly contest winner, Raymond Kinnick! Raymond won $25 worth of reward points to be used at ReVampWholesale.com! Our next drawing will be on April 7th! Thank you to all who placed orders with us this week! We’re looking forward to sharing all the exciting things we have going on in the weeks to come!

Congrats to Our Weekly Contest Winner: Scott Morgan!

Congrats to our weekly contest winner, Scott Morgan! Scott won $25 worth of reward points to be used at ReVampWholesale.com! Our next drawing will be on March 31st. In the mean time, we have lots of exciting news coming by way of Simple Snap, so be sure to stay tuned!

Come See a Video Tour of Our Warehouse!

Ever wanted to know what happens when you place an order with ReVamp Wholesale? Watch this video to get a virtual tour of our warehouse, and see an order get completed from start to finish!

Beware- Content Scrapper Website Claiming to be ReVamp!

If you Googled us recently looking for our site, you may have noticed another website claiming to be ReVamp come up in the search. THIS IS A SCAM, and many stateside wholesalers have been targeted in a similar fashion. Pleased be advised that the only website where you can purchase ReVamp Wholesale parts is ReVampWholesale.com….

February in Review, and What to Look Forward to in March

Moving forward, we will now be having a segment in our blog reviewing the previous month, and letting you in on what’s going on in the month to come. We now present to you February’s Recap! February in Review: From the factory shut down during the Chinese New Year, to the relentless weather pummeling the northeast causing cross-country…