Simple Snap is Here to Protect Nintendo Labo Users!

This year Nintendo announced a new addition for the Nintendo Switch which involves constructing a variety of controllers (known as Toy-Cons) from cardboard and combining them with the console’s Joy-Cons to play games. These products are for kids and those who are kids at heart, the announcement stated. Nintendo Labo is for all ages, even adults can enjoy or just watch their kids having a blast with it. With the release of this new product for a younger demographic, be prepared for repairs.


Nintendo Labo is not just an interesting toy because it doesn’t offer instant gratification. Whether you win or lose, Nintendo Labo guarantees you a sense of achievement and it’s very much a case of getting out what you put in.


Nintendo Labo has a great deal of potential for learning, creating and generating problem-solving skills. The cutouts are very hands-on and intuitive. Users are definitely engaged with the vastly different situations possible from these Toy-Cons.


That’s why Simple Snap comes in handy as the perfect protection for this device. This 9H Hardness screen protector is easy to install. So simple that any kid can install it without their parents help right before playing.

Simple Snap_NSLabo123_ShopNow_04_11_18PC.png


Now, kids can enjoy the fruits of their Labo, using Nintendo Switch in another way. Nintendo is expecting to sell 1-2 million more units with its new cardboard addition. Simple Snap Screen Protector is here to protect those devices and you can buy them in bulk at! We also carry all necessary repair parts for the Nintendo Switch, because accidents do happen! Click here to stock up on repair parts:



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