Stay Profitable in the Mobile Device Repair Industry With These 3 Points of Profit

A few years ago, the mobile repair industry boomed as iPhone and Android devices became thinner, full-screen devices more prone to damage.

Cell phone carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint couldn’t keep up with the high repair demand, so smaller repair businesses began to flourish. Customers like having the option of going to the local repair shop down the road instead of waiting in line at the one Apple store in town.

And for many mobile repair businesses, that was the best thing to happen to them.

A lot of advice has been given to repair shops recently about how they must have a responsive website or app; they must be present on social media; they must offer online inquiries, in-store pickups and more for their customers.  Those services are all giveaways that add costs.

Unless you’re Amazon with unlimited resources from stockholders, you’ll notice such costs have to be made up somewhere. Here are a few overlooked points of profit repair shops can benefit from.

3 Points of Profit for Mobile Repair Shops

Phone Repair – This is a no-brainer, obviously as a repair shop you can profit from repairs. You can selectively raise the price of your most popular repairs to most effectively add to your bottom line.  You don’t have to increase prices across the board. iPhone X screen repairs are ranging from $250-$300 but iPhone 6/7/8 repairs are around $150 per phone. Depending on your cost for the part and labor, you can profit well if you have a great service at a high volume.


Recycling Broken LCDs with LCD Buy Back – What do you do with the old LCD screen after a repair? Don’t throw it in the trash! Recycle it and make a few bucks off of it. Trust and believe, after doing one hundred repairs, a few dollars a screen will add up. Check out how much you can make off cracked LCD screens:


Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.13.58 PM.png


Accessories at the Point of Sale –  Having accessories at the register or along the wall as customers walk in/out will drive more revenue for your store.

Whats the right accessory for your store?

Are your customers mostly iPhone users or Android users?

Every shop is different. Most importantly, the accessories should have a long shelf life, so adding backward compatible cases that fit iPhone 6/7/8 are great additions. Stocking relevant charge cables like lightning connectors and USB-c type connectors are perfect because electronics other than phones use these connections. Also, if your customer demographic is interested, wireless charging and audio are becoming more common.

Be sure to use the MSRP price for the best profit on the sale. We know of one repair shop owner who, when she completes a repair, offers accessories for the device at a special discount since they just spent a lot of cash with her store. She thought it was brilliant. What she didn’t realize was that she was robbing herself of profit. She was teaching customers to simply wait for the next repair on their next phone. Now, she offers referral discounts to spread the word and sees much better success. Check out some of the name brand accessories we have in our warehouse ready to ship with your next order:

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.31.59 PM.png

These three points of profit are key to drive sales up and offer a better service to your customer. They will be happy when you inform them about your store’s price compared to major repair services. They will love the fact that you’re saving the environment by recycling their broken LCD. And next time they consider buying an accessory, they will choose your shop because they trust your service.

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