How to Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a pretty powerful tool for those wanting to track user interaction on Facebook Business Pages. Here are some ways repair shops can benefit from Insights:

Learn Your Demographic – Facebook Insights allows you to see the age, gender, and even the education of your audience. This can help when setting up post. For example, if you have a large male following, sport themed ads may convert better than ads with holiday themes. And vice-versa with female followers. If you have a lot of customers from a college campus, you can target that university with ads that display the college’s colors.

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Learn What People Speak – You can also see what languages people speak. You may have to add some Italian or Spanish lingo to your next post once you check this statistic.

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Learn What Type of Ad Converts for Your Business – Do your customers prefer carousel ads or video ads? You can get a full overview of what ads generate the most impressions and clicks, then plan future ads accordingly.

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Learn What Time to Post – Do your customers use Facebook in the morning, at work, or at night? See when your customers are on Facebook so you can schedule posts at the correct time. Facebook insights even track what days during the week your customers are on the most. Using this tool you can post deals and promotions on the proper days to generate the most traffic.

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Go Green, But Which One? Organic or Paid? – The insights also show your organic results versus your paid results so you can plan for the next month’s ad spending. If your organic reach outweighs you paid reach, you can afford to spend less without losing traction.

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Facebook Insights is a great tool for your Facebook page. Be sure to use the data and create something meaningful with it. Tracking the performance of your page and finding typical patterns is very key. Use Facebook Insights to your advantage and grow your business online!

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