The Best 6 Accessories for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has sold 7.63 million units nationwide and 27.48 million games sold worldwide (Like Mario Odyssey). It is clear that the long awaited console from Nintendo is doing better than we expected. Here are some of the best accessories for your Nintendo switch that would be great to get for a loved one this holiday!


Simple Snap – Screen Protector

If you protect your smartphone screen, think about doing the same for your Nintendo Switch. The newest addition to the Simple Snap tempered glass screen protector offers high transparency glass, feeling like there is nothing on your screen, so there is no interference to your view while you dive into the latest Zelda quest or jumping with your new friend Cap on the new Super Mario game. Using the same patented position-lock design as other Simple Snap protectors, installation is as simple as three easy steps that are outlined in the instructions included, allowing for a bubble-free installation within 0.1 mm accuracy while offering 9H hardness protection from scratches or cracks. Simple Snap is highly recommended to protect your Switch. Users have reported that they’ve scratched their console when lifting it from the dock but anyone with a phone or tablet will know, you don’t need a dock for accidents to happen.


RDS Industries – Deluxe Travel Case

RDS Industries brought a licensed hardshell option, including a padded divider that protects the Switch’s screen, while the divider’s zippered mesh can store extra game cards and also your Joy-Cons grips. If you’re a physical media fan rather than a download fan this travel case comes with 2 storage cases that allows you to carry up to 6 games and 2 SD Cards.


San Disk – SD Card

Looking at the new games coming for your Nintendo Switch, such as Mario Odyssey, Doom, and L.A. Noire may contribute to your console will running out of memory. Some games are almost 30GB in size, it’s inevitable. Thankfully, Nintendo has built a flexible SD card storage into the console. Your game’s internal storage limitations can be worked around if you’re willing to spend a little more cash. SanDisk’s micro SD cards offer the best value for money: small in size, high in space storage, and relatively affordable for the committed player. Now you won’t have to worry about deleting your games to make room for the next big games on the horizon.


MyCharge – Amp Mini Backup Battery 2600mAh (Silver)

Everyone knows the Nintendo Switch can last up to 6 hours away from its docking station and that duration is impacted by the games you’re playing. For example, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can only run for about 3 hours and a backup battery can get you some extra time to play on your trip. MyCharge has a perfect solution for you! The Amp Mini Backup Battery 2600mAh offers up to an extra hour and a half of gameplay. This is a great portable Nintendo Switch charger. It is lightweight, easy to carry, has a nice size, and is highly recommended.


Ventev – 3ft Charge & Sync Cable Type A > C 2.0 (Black)

Technology is always changing, the USB Type C cables are the future. Android smartphone users have been using the same standard micro USB cables for years. Now some companies such as Google, Motorola, Apple are changing to type C connectors and so are gaming companies. The Nintendo Switch uses Type C charging. This type C cable from Ventev fits perfectly to the Switch. The 3ft long cable allows you to charge your Nintendo Switch at home, on the go and traveling. We highly recommend it for Switch players.


Nintendo – Pro Controller



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