Five Accessories To Get For Your iPhone X

The iPhone X  is officially here and Apple lovers are excited. With all its new upgrades like wireless charging and face recognition, accessory brands had to up their game as well. Brands have brought out new cases, earphones and screen protectors for your device. Here are a few accessories to consider getting your iPhone X!

Gear4 D3O Piccadilly

The iPhone X Piccadilly case comes with advanced impact protection. The D3O technology absorbs the shock when your phone is dropped by stiffening. This way your phone doesn’t break when it hits the ground. This phone case doesn’t only protect your phone to the fullest, it also has a slim and clear design to show off the iPhone X back cover.


UAG Pathfinder

The UAG Pathfinder comes with a two-layer protection for you iPhone X. This phone case comes with a feather-light construction and a non-slip grip so you can avoid more accidents. The armored shell is impact resistant and fits perfectly around your device. The UAG Pathfinder is also compatible with wireless charging since the new iPhone X has offered this newest technology.


Urbanista Berlin Earphones

Now that we’re over the no headphone jack dilemma, enjoy listening to music from the iPhone X with the wireless earphones from Urbanista. The Berlin earphones provide up to 4 and a half hours of music experience and a built-in mic so you can make calls on the go. These earbuds have a sleek design and a comfortable fit!

Berlin Bluetooth Earphone(Black).jpg

Nite Ize Quikstand Device Stand

View the bezel-less screen and all its glory with this compact stand from Nite Ize. Whether you’re at work or at home, the Quikstand device stand can be used to easily view your screen in both landscape and portrait orientation. The great thing about this accessory is that it’s about the size of a credit card when folded so you can bring it with you everywhere you go. Now you can enjoy browsing or watch videos on your phone without having to worry about keeping it balanced.


Simple Snap Screen Protectors

iPhone X is a lot of screen, so it needs to be protected from scratches and cracks. Most screen protectors are hard to install but Simple Snap comes with a disposable mold that fits perfectly around the device. To install, all you need to do is push the mold and screen protector over the device until you hear a snap. Get a flawless installation and protection with Simple Snap.


Besides these accessories, there are plenty more out there that will protect the iPhone X. If you liked any of the accessories you saw here or want to look at more options, visit for more!

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