GEAR4 And D3O Technology

During the past few weeks, the ReVamp team had the chance to play around with the different accessories we now have in stock from Tessco. While they all had something that made them stand out, one particular brand left us in awe: GEAR4. GEAR4 has slowly taken over as one of the leading phone case companies. So what makes them so special? The D3O technology in each of their cases. Because of it, GEAR4 has become a phone case brand unlike any other.


GEAR4’s main objective is to make impact resistant gadgets and they found the perfect material to make this happen with D30 technology. Besides having one of a kind technology, GEAR4 focuses on a slim design for all their cases.  Having a slim phone case has become a trend among many. People want to show off their sleek and expensive phones, so phone case brands have come out with the perfect product to do just that.

With their top-of-the-line protection and design, GEAR4 has become the UK’S #1 phone case brand and now have their products in over 40 countries. GEAR4 hasn’t stopped growing since it started a decade ago and now, with Tessco as their exclusive U.S distributor, they will only keep growing.



So what exactly is this great D30 technology that makes GEAR4 different? D3O is a special fluid material that is non-Newtonian. This means that it doesn’t conform to the laws of Newton. This material is made up of freely flowing molecules that lock together when shocked on impact. The bigger and greater the impact, the more molecules lock together. D3O is a material unlike any other and has changed the game for phone protection.

Here is a video demonstrating just how much D3O can protect:

Not only has this D3O technology made its way to GEAR4 phone cases but also to sports and the military. For sports, D3O is used for football helmets and footwear. While in the military it is also used for helmets, vests, hand protection and material for load carriage straps.


Here at ReVamp, we think that GEAR4 is a must at any repair shop. It fits different styles and delivers the same protection for all cases. Check out all the various designs GEAR4 and other brands have to offer at!



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