Finding The Best Tech Accessories For Your Repair Shop

Phone accessories have become more important to repair shops.  Since many places are seeing a decrease in their repair margins, it is crucial to add additional dollars to the ticket price and accessories are one of the best ways to do it . But how do you know which accessories are the best to have? 

Variety is important. Having phone chargers, cases and screen protectors will help your customers get everything they need from one place. Here are some great products to consider adding to your repair shop.

Screen Protectors

After getting their phone fixed, customers want to make sure they never have to deal with a broken device again. Screen protectors prevent the screen from damage. There are many screen protectors in the market that you can sell at your repair shop. Simple Snap Screen Protectors give your phone screen full protection and is easy to install, which helps repair techs provide a better customer experience. They are made of premium tempered glass with a 9H hardness for the best protection.


Phone Chargers

When it comes to phone chargers, quality matters. People are constantly charging their phones throughout the day and the phone chargers need to be long lasting. Phone chargers like Mahngo Roots can give you just what you need. Mahngo Roots is a 3 foot long nylon braided fiber cable and it can be used on the go. With this phone charger, you can charge both Apple and Android smartphones, which means one less item in stock since this item is two chargers in one.

Image from Mahngo

Phone Cases

Phone cases aren’t just suppose to make your phone look pretty, they protect you phone from falls and spills. That’s why it’s important to have the best phone case available. Mahngo Skin is a phone case that keeps your phone looking stylish and sleek with its acrylic backplate while also keeping it protected. This unique phone case is made of a TPU gel bumper that is protective and impact resistant. Mahngo Skin comes in four different colors: Cool Blue, Hot Pink, Smoked and Clear.

Image from Mahngo

There are many things you can provide your customers with when they walk into your repair shops. Having accessories like these may help maintain your loyal customers and also increase revenue.  


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