The Hand Spinner Craze

Hand spinners have become the new craze of 2017. Kids know all about it, but many adults are still confused as to what their purpose is. The Hand Spinner is a self-regulation tool that can help you pay attention by providing subtle movements and something to touch. They eliminate things most people do to keep themselves busy, like nail biting and leg shaking. It has also been said that hand spinners can help reduce stress and anxiety. The question is since it has so many benefits yet are mainly used for entertainment, are hand spinners a tool or a toy?


Turns out they can be both! The experience is different for anyone of any age. Some people don’t feel the same about the hand spinners like many school districts who have banned hand spinners from classrooms because they cause distractions. Some school districts are even from our home state of Illinois. 

Some professionals agree with the ban on these toys, stating that there are other ways to calm kids with anxiety or ADHD. However, there are professionals like Claire Heffron, a pediatric who was interview by The Washington Post, who think that these tools should become a custom in schools.

Adults, however, have the liberty to use the hand spinners and should give this new popular item a try and see what’s best for them: to use it as a tool or a toy. ReVamp Wholesale has also become a part of the Hand Spinner craze and you can purchase yours directly from our website for $2.50. Don’t miss out on the hand spinner craze!


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