Virtual Reality Is Taking Over

For the past years, big companies like Google and Samsung have joined the VR trend. Although it is somewhat new, it has caught people’s attention fast. It gives people a new perspective in the tech world which has made VR so popular. Here are some of the most popular VR headsets in the market.

Google DayDream View

The Google DayDream View was made to be fashionable yet intuitive. The Daydream View headset comes with a controller much like other VR headsets. These goggles work with both the Pixel and Pixel XL but Google plans for the View to be used with many new Google smartphones to come. The View is the first VR headset made for Daydream, the VR platform. Daydream was first introduced in Android 7.1 Nougat.


The View has a squishy foam body and is lighter in weight than many other VR headsets. The View rests more weight on the forehead rather than around the head or on your cheeks. Many people find this better and more comfortable because they can use the headset for hours without anything hurting or getting tired. Because the View’s design is so stylish, it doesn’t look very intimidating, giving people the opportunity to take it on the go. The price for the Google DayDream View is $79.00. 

Google Pixel and Daydream

Samsung Gear

The Samsung Gear is designed to be lighter and more comfortable than previous Gear VR headsets. The Gear can support up to two years worth of Samsung phones. It works well with the Galaxy S8 Plus as well as the S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and s6 Edge Plus.

The new Samsung Gear comes with a wireless controller to easier control different Samsung apps with one hand as well as Micro USB and USB-C adapters. It includes a simple elastic strap for the controller. Controllers that small can be easily lost, so this small elastic strap helps keep track of it. Although the Google DayDream View doesn’t have any plug-in dongles which makes it more practical, many people believe that the Gear VR fits better than the View. The price for the Samsung Gear is $119.00.



This VR headset is a little bit different than the previous ones because of its design and use. The outside part is primarily made of plastic while the material around the eye area and headband is leather. It has an adjustable pupil distance and focal distance. In general, it fits for eye-sight below 600 degrees.

The Airsspu VR has a front cover for your phone which helps it stay ventilated and protected during use. Since the Airsspu VR doesn’t have a specific phone that goes with it like the Samsung and Google ones, they use screen sizes to let the customer know what phones they can use with the headset. The VR headset supports phones with screen size from 4.7” to 6.0”. The phone used must have a width less than 82mm and a length less than 154mm. The price for the Airsspu VR is $28.99


Apple hasn’t come out with their own virtual reality headset but it is in the making. It is rumored that they also have a team working on AR.

There are more and more VR headsets out in the market as the demand for VR increases. These three have very different prices and functions and it shows that in the world of VR, there is a headset for everyone. Don’t lose any more time and find the right one for you!


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