The Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Here!

For the past week, the tech world has been all about the Samsung Galaxy S8 hype. With only one week since the launch, the Galaxy S8 has attracted much attention especially after the companies recall of the Galaxy Note 7. However after that little debacle, people still believe the Galaxy S8 might become the best selling phone this year.  After hearing all things Galaxy S8, the good and bad, we felt that we had to get our hands on one. Here is everything you need to know about the Galaxy S8.



Image Quality

Both S8 smartphones (the regular and the plus) have a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels. This gives the phone a crisp image quality. The Galaxy S8 comes with a AMOLED screen which means more brightness and darker blacks. It also includes HDR premium certification which gives greater color volume. This also means that the Galaxy S8 can let you watch High-Dynamic Range (HDR) content in videos.



Bluetooth is so significant in the Galaxy S8 because it is the first smartphone to use Bluetooth 5. The Bluetooth 5 has 4 times the range of the last Bluetooth version and two times the data speed. This new Bluetooth lets you walk about 200 meters away from your device and you will still be able to listen. The new Bluetooth upgrade also lets you stream music in two different devices at the same exact time.


Battery Life

The Galaxy S8 holds a 3,000mAh capacity while the S8 Plus has a 3,500mAh battery. Digital Trends tried out the Galaxy S8 Plus to see how long the battery would last. They ended up with the phone at 25 percent at 8 p.m after a day taking photos and browsing. As for the regular Galaxy S8, it probably can stand the same amount of time or maybe even more because it has a smaller screen. 


The price for the Galaxy S8 is a little higher than people are used to paying for a smartphone. Most smartphones in the market today go for around $400 and the Galaxy S8 is starting at $750. But many people believe that the price is right because of the image  quality and displays it holds. 


With such an expensive and important phone, protection is even more important. That’s why Simple Snap has been working on the perfect Galaxy S8 Screen ProtectorSimple Snap’s technology is made to protect every smartphone screen and it will do just that with the new Galaxy S8! Stay tuned to learn more about the up and coming Samsung Galaxy S8 Simple Snap Screen Protector. ReVamp Wholesale will also be having Galaxy S8 parts in stock soon as well. 

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