Here’s How Our Technicians Test Pre-Owned Devices

Certified Pre Owned devices have been a growing industry now that more people are looking at the possibility of getting a CPO phone instead of a brand new one. After seeing this growing product, we wanted to give our customers the option of selling their used phones as well as buying used phones from ReVampBut what happens to these phones once we receive them and before they go out to our customers? These phones go through an in depth 60 point inspection to make sure everything is properly working before they are delivered.


The process is simple once it is understood. Once we get the pre-owned phone, we plug it in to the computer and let it charge. While it is charging, it connects to the computer where it appears on the Phone Check Software. Once the phone is connected and everything is in place, the Phone Check App appears on the phone as well so we can test out every function.


There is a variety of different functions that are tested. These include: wifi, bluetooth, GPS, battery, proximity, sensor, vibration, buttons, audio, image capture, LCD, test call and accelerometer. 


Once the phone is fully tested, we unlock the phone through the software on the computer. Here we also check the IMEI to make sure the phone is not stolen. The last step in the process is to print out the receipt with all the phone details. This receipt goes to the buyer along with the CPO phone.


We want to give our customers the best we have to offer and that’s why we go through such an in depth testing process for each device. To learn more about our process please visit or call us at 312-450-7265

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