DJI Osmo Vs DJI Osmo Mobile

Today we’re looking at the DJI Osmo and the DJI Osmo Mobile. DJI makes really cool camera equipment like drones and gimbals, but with the Osmo they’ve made stabilization handheld. The Osmo is a stabilized camera you use with one hand, and the Osmo Mobile is the same thing, but using your phone instead of a camera. So, which one is better for you?


The Osmo Mobile doesn’t have a camera, since it uses your phone as the camera. The Osmo has a sensor size of 1/2.3” which means the surface that catches the light is a little less than half an inch across. And that’s the only leg up the camera has over the newest round of phones. The Google Pixel has a sensor size of 1/2.6” and the iPhone 7 has a sensor at 1/3”. Besides that all three have 12MP and shoot in 4K, and each phone has settings that may help it to perform better in low light or high speed. But that’s the state of the game today. In six months the next round of phones could easily outpace the Osmo’s camera.

The Osmo claims 6 hours of standby life, and 1 hour of filming life. That means you might need to plan the moments you capture a little more. The Osmo Mobile claims a maximum 4.5 hours of life, which makes sense since it’s pretty much just the gimbal part of the Osmo. Your phone’s battery life is also a factor.


Both the Osmo and the Osmo Mobile use the same handle. The handle has a good amount of weight and is a comfortable size. There’s also a joystick you can use to manipulate the camera during filming. The Osmo comes with a phone shoe so you can attach your phone. Now you can see what you’re shooting, change settings, and select objects to track. The Osmo Mobile also does all of these things, but uses your phone’s camera instead. Unfortunately, this means that if the camera turns too much you can’t see what’s going on, while the Osmo always has your phone pointing towards you.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 9.40.50 AM.png

The Osmo and the Osmo Mobile use the same gimbal technology. On the Osmo this produces a silky smooth stabilized image, since the camera is smaller and lighter. The Osmo Mobile has a little trouble compensating for the wider weight distribution of a phone, which means you can see wobbles with steps. However, many phones have stabilization built in and turning this feature on might help improve your video.

So let’s boil it down and look at what we’ve got:

Osmo Osmo Mobile
3-axis stabilization Yes Yes
Battery Life 6 on standby, 1 filming 4.5
Camera 1/2.3” sensor, 12 MP, 4K Varies
Viewscreen Yes Mostly
External Mic Jack Yes No
Price $569 $299

In the end it comes down to what you need. If image quality and variety is your biggest concern then the Osmo Mobile might be for you, especially as better phones are made. However, if you want as much stabilization as you can possibly hold in one hand, the Osmo might be better for you

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