Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch arrived today, and everyone here at ReVamp Wholesale is buzzing! While Nintendo is no stranger to the world of hand-held gaming systems, what makes the Switch unique is it’s adaptability. Not only is Nintendo’s latest creation portable, but it can transform into a home system as well making it the perfect gadget companion no matter where you go.

So what does this highly anticipated device look like? The Switch boasts a 6.2-inch 720p HD touch screen with two clip-on “Joy-Con” controllers. These controllers can also be used independently once you’re playing on a big screen or attached to the screen when you’re on the move.


Since the Joy-Con controllers can function individually, they can be used by two players. You can use the kickstand that comes with the Switch in order to keep the screen upright when playing.


Important Nintendo Switch specs to keep in mind when buying are the battery life and the storage capacity. The Switch has a 32 GB storage and the tablet has six hours of play  after one charge. The Joy-Cons have 20 hours of play time battery. The Switch also has stereo speakers on the tablet as well as a headphone/mic port.

There will be around 100 games that will support the Switch but as for now, The Legend Of Zelda and a few third-party games are the only ones available.

Many reviewers like Devin Coldewey from Tech Crunch believe that the Nintendo Switch was some thing that was truly missing in the gaming world. Judging by what we’ve seen from the Switch thus far, we tend to agree.


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