Ordering Parts Just Got Easier with Repair Desk and Quick Shop!

We all know how tedious ordering parts online can be. Having to search for a certain item and going back and forth on multiple pages is tiresome, especially when you have a store to manage. Here at ReVamp Wholesale, we want to make stocking your shop the easiest part about running your business. That’s why we have come up with two easy solutions to make your shopping experience stress-free- Repair Desk and Quick Shop.


Repair Desk

To help improve your experience with us, we’ve teamed up with Repair Desk for your inventory management needs. Repair Desk is a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) system specifically designed for the mobile device repair industry. Even better, it’s super easy to integrate with your ReVampWholesale.com account. Watch the quick video below to see Repair Desk’s seamless integration.

In addition to its new ticketing system that gives its users digital receipts faster than ever before, Repair Desk provides real-time order updates so you can know exactly what’s going on with your shipment without taking time out of your day to do so.

While Repair Desk is excellent for in-the-moment order management, it also helps you plan ahead. The software can recommend items to purchase based on your order history so you can rest assured knowing you’re fully stocked when your busy periods hit. We can confidently say that Repair Desk will become an asset to your business, you’ll later wonder how you managed without it!

Quick Shop

For those of you not in the market for POS software, we have our Quick Shop function. Quick Shop allows for  customers to order on the fly without having to go through too many clicks. By choosing Quick Shop on our website, you can pick the product, the quantity, and then move on to the next item without having to leave the page you’re on. Once you are done picking the items you desire, you can check out as you normally would.

We’re thrilled to introduce these more efficient ordering methods to you. To take advantage of easier shopping through Quick Shop or Repair Desk, login to your ReVampWholesale.com account today!






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