Fake iPhone Sale!

How often are you tempted by pop up’s while you’re online for deals and sales? Everyone is. However, you need to be careful when clicking these links. There are a lot of fake iPhone’s circulating the world currently, don’t be fooled by Pop Up sales on the internet for “cheap iPhones!”


Here at ReVamp, we recently got our hands on one of these fake iPhones. On the surface, they look extremely similar to the real iPhones. Except, there is a huge difference. They run a similar software to iOS made by hackers. Here are some examples of what to look for if you’re not sure whether a phone is real or not!


When you open the camera on the fake phone (left), it produces an extremely low resolution image compared to the real iPhone (right).


When opening the phone app, the fake phone (left), has the favorites tab spelled differently than the real phone. Both phones have the brightness turned all the way up. As you can see, the fake phone’s full brightness is far brighter than the real phone.



When looking closely at the resolution of the home screen on the fake phone, you can see the quality isn’t as good as a real phone. Seeing the app “Opera Mini” is also a huge giveaway the phone is fake since it is used by many hackers.


When the fake phone is locked (left) you can see that the amount of space between the icons and the top of the screen is much smaller than the real phone.


Once you upon the phone app, you will realize that the phone is fake when you see there is no voicemail option at the bottom, leaving only four icons instead of five.


Be Careful online everyone!

-Team ReVamp


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