Have You Heard of the CRT-61 Form?

If you’re an Illinois resident, you are likely aware of the sales tax increase to 10.25% effective January 1st 2016. In compliance with the Illinois state law, we increased our taxes accordingly.

If you’re a customer with a business located in the state of Illinois, you could be eligible so submit a CRT-61 Form.

What is a CRT-61 Form?

According to the Illinois Revenue website,

“Illinois businesses may purchase items tax free to resell. Sales tax is then collected and paid when the items are sold at retail. To document tax-exempt purchasesof such items, retailers must keep in their books and records a certificate of resale. Purchasers may document their tax-exempt purchases by completing the CRT-61 Form.”

The CRT-61 Form indicates that your business is registered in the state of Illinois, and by filling out the form, you grant ReVamp Wholesale permission to waive the 10.25% sales takes with your purchases. In turn, you must then charge your customer for the sale of our merchandise.

Who is eligible to fill out the CRT-61?

Anyone whose business is registered and located in the state of Illinois.

What if my business is out of state?

If your business is out of state you are not taxed by the state of Illinois and therefore are not eligible to fill out the CRT-61 form.

What if I live out of state but my business is in Illinois?

If your residence is out of state but your registered business is located in the state of Illinois, you are eligible to fill out the CRT-61 Form.

If I am eligible to fill out the CRT-61 Form, and I don’t want to, do I still have to?

You are not required to fill out the CRT-61 form if you are eligible to, however please be advised that all your purchases with ReVamp Wholesale will be taxed the 10.25% Illinois State tax.

How do I complete the form?

To complete the form, simply log into your ReVamp Wholesale account. On the main Dashboard page, click the “Download CRT-61 Form” link. From there, print the form, fill it out and sign it. Once filled out, you can upload the form to your account by clicking the “Customer Files” option located on the main page.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, please feel free to give us a call at (877) 9-REVAMP or shoot us an email at support@revampwholesale.com!

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