5 Minutes With Our RMA Manager, David

Inquisitive, diligent, and naturally kind,  RMA Manager David Collazo is an incredible asset to ReVamp Wholesale. Having started out as a warehouse associate, his commitment to ReVamp and his keen eye for detail helped him quickly move up the ranks to become the ideal leader for his department. We sat down with David for 5 minutes to discuss leadership, routine, and his favorite sport-basketball.

What are you work philosophies?

  • “If it’s good for my company, it’s good for me.”
  • “Always be the hardest worker in the room.”
  • “Hard work gets notice from a distance.”

What was the best leadership advice you’ve received?

I would say best leadership advice I’ve received is to lead by example. Your team should see that not only can you do the work they do, but you are ready to step in and help as needed! As a leader, we should not expect our team to do a task that we can’t do ourselves. This shows understanding, and gains trust. Telling people to do something is not the same as showing them the importance of even the simplest task needed by any company. Every role in a company is important!

How did you become the manager for the RMA department?

I started at ReVamp as a warehouse associate. I came in early and worked my hardest everyday. I asked all the right questions to quickly gain knowledge of the warehouse and all duties. By staying focused, I was able to catch the small defects before they were sent out to customers. My attention to detail along my leadership qualities, got me noticed by management. When the position became available I was first in line.

Do you have a ritual or routine to the start of your work day?

I usually come in anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes early. This allows me to get comfortable to start my work day. This is a way I stay focused. I say my hello’s, as I try to set a good vibe early in the morning. As soon as I’m at my desk I check all emails to address any matters that might need a response. I do a quick walk through the department to insure all needed items are present. Then I begin to make a work agenda for the team.

What do you like most about working at ReVamp?

If I had to choose one thing I really like about working at ReVamp, I would say it’s the open door policy. This is a great attitude to have as management in any company. The chance to discuss any thoughts or ideas can be beneficial in building a positive working relationships, to better serving our customers. Personally, ReVamp is just hands down an awesome place to work!

Tell us something we may not expect about you? 

I love basketball! From video games, watching the NBA, or shooting hoops with my friends or family. I just got a natural love for the sport. When I was 12 I gained interest and joined my first team. I started the season late but got my team the championship and got the MVP award, pretty cool. One of my life goals is to coach a team. Not anything major just as a hobby, after all it’s because I love the sport!

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