5 Weird Gadgets of 2015

We’re wrapping up 2015 (if you can believe that) and while it’s been a great year for technology, it’s also been a weird one. Below is a list of 5 weird gadgets that caught our eye so far this year.

hI-Fun Bluetooth Handset Gloves


These gloves connect to the bluetooth on your phone, so instead of using your phone to make the call you can use you hands? We don’t know what else to say about that.. On to the next one!



MamaRoo is an electronic cradle that comes with 5 unique motions each designed to keep your baby soothed and relaxed. It’s also bluetooth enabled so you can control it’s sound and motion from your mobile device. While we thought it was pretty weird at first, we are fan of anything that can keep mom, dad, and baby at ease. From what we’ve seen from the Mamaroo, this gadget will do just that.


You may remember a while back where we outlined 10 great apps for stress relief, well Melomind takes your standard anti-stress app to the next level.  The Melomind headset connects via bluetooth to your Android device. From there, the neurofeedback from the headset uses music from the app to help you relax. You can also preorder it under the early adopter special before the end of 2015 for $299. While the device seems weird at first, it could be a game changer for those of us who suffer form anxiety.

Tao Chair


Now you can work out without ever leaving your home or purchasing a work out machine.. sort of. This year at CES, Tao unenvied their attempt at a home exercise device called the Tao Chair. With it you can do an array of core exercises via the arm rests, and the chair will track the amount of calories you’ve burned and sent it to an app in your phone via bluetooth. While it doesn’t promise to give you a full workout, it will give you more exercise than the average chair, which is something?

Leave a comment below and let us know of some of the weird gadgets you’ve seen this year!

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