Tips For Engaging Your Customers in the World of Social Media

In the digital age, having a social media presence is vital, not only for developing your business, but for also reaching current customers. More and more, businesses are becoming a collaborative effort between their teams and their customers in hopes of creating an exceptional experience, thanks to the help of Facebook, Yelp, and other social media platforms. Below is a short list of ReVamp approved tips you can use to help keep your customers engaged in the world of social media.

1.Create a plan before you begin.

One does not simply embark into the world of social media for their business without a strategy. By that, I mean you could do it, but it will not be easy for you. Make a list of platforms you wish to use such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. Build their profiles, and then create a schedule for posts and updates. Having this ground work will make it easier for you to adjust it should you need to.

2. Combine different methods. 

Most of you would not have heard about this blog if it weren’t for our Facebook or Twitter. Combining different methods of social media, such as linking your Twitter to your Facebook or posting your blog on LinkedIn will cast a larger net for your customers and leads alike! Also having multiple avenues to access important company information with decrease the likelihood of your customers missing it.

3. Reach out for feedback. 

Not sure how you’re doing? Ask! With everything from emailed surveys to Facebook polls, even making the traditional call, reaching out to your customers not only gives you vital information on how to engage your customers, but actually engages them in the process. Double win? You bet.

4. Tailor your strategy based on the needs of your customers.

So you’ve reached out for feedback which is great, however it doesn’t do any good unless it’s put into action. Collect the data your your customers have given you, update your strategy, create a realistic time frame for execution, and roll it out.

5. Follow up regularly.

Check back in with your strategy as well as your customers to ensure you’ve utilized their feedback to it’s utmost potential. This could mean anything from comparing the time frame of the strategy with the sales of that period, to using Facebook analytics to judge overall engagement, as well asking your customers again to see how you’re doing.

6. Use your resources.

Have a trust worthy team member that just “gets” social media? Have them take the reins! Doing so will not only empower them, but help you immensely. Social media management websites like Hootsuite will also take the stress away from trying to coordinate multiple social media accounts manually.

7. Remember your intention.

While everyone wants their business be successful, remember that you wouldn’t be in business without your customers. Investing in your customers is one of the the primary ways to invest in your company.

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-Jessica Kristnofe, Director of Customer Relations

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