ReVamp Tip of the Week: Use a ScrewMat™

Simplify your repair organization with a ScrewMat™

During the repair of most handheld devices, close attention is required to keep track of a variety of tiny screws and small parts. Remembering the order and location that each screw goes during assembly becomes the trickiest part. Through experience, a technician finds their strategy and style. This can be simplified by making use of a ScrewMat™, which will create a more efficient repair by saving on both parts and labor time (not to mention headaches).

 i5s_screwmat gs4_screwmat

ScrewMat™ serves as a guide to every cell phone and iPad repair. Designed with a visual guide to organize the location of each screw and small part removed during the repair, ScrewMat™ takes it one step further by magnetically holding each in place. This eliminates the fear of a screw rolling away and getting lost. It also will serve as a great tool for training new technicians on each device.

Currently there are ScrewMats available for 25 devices from ReVamp Wholesale. Take a look at the list of SKUs CLICK HERE.

-Matt Haywood, General Manager

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