5 Minutes with Matt, our General Manager

One unexpectedly vital asset to a growing company is a good sense of humor, and thanks to our General Manager Matt Haywood, ReVamp Electronics is packed with an unlimited supply of it! Don’t be fooled by his natural smirk and quick wit however. Without Matt’s hard work, dedication, and fine-tuned technological brain, ReVamp would not be the company it is today. We sat down with Matt for 5 minutes to discuss his beginnings at ReVamp, his role as a General Manager, as well as key aspects of his personality that make him an essential part of our company.

What attracted you to work at ReVamp?

 The vision and potential was one of the major attractions to joining the ReVamp family. In 2013 I packed my things and moved from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Chicago. Two days later my adventure at ReVamp began. At that time we were operating as a repair company, but it was clear that new ideas were forming. As the company changed and grew, I adapted as well. That experience significantly contributes to the way I am able to operate now, as it granted me another level of familiarity and relation to what is expected from our products and services.

Being a general manager you have your hands in all facets of the business, how do you manage your time throughout the day?

Being prepared for the unexpected is important. Typically my daily agenda isn’t set in concrete blocks of time on a calendar. In order to be prepared to shift into new projects, problem solve issues or handle an emergency, I have to be able to react in an organized manner. As I identify new tasks to be completed, I mentally create a priority list of sorts. This allows me to adjust my behavior going forward to ensure that the tasks get their proper attention. Even a short and disjointed conversation with a colleague can lead to progress, so taking advantage of every conversation is important. Having strong relationships with the members of our team allows me to rely on everyone around me to help get the tasks done efficiently as well as accurately.

 What is most fulfilling about your job?

 ReVamp serves as a very rewarding workplace. I take pride in forming genuine relationships with every member of our growing ReVamp team. I find it very enjoyable interacting with the wide range of personalities, and my job certainly allows me maximize on that satisfaction. But the most fulfilling part of my job is being a part of a growth network. While I work to improve everyday operations here, ReVamp works for me in its own way. I am able to take on new challenges on a consistent basis. It allows me to maintain a course towards achieving personal growth, my highest potential, and my best self.

 What is something that people may not expect about you?

I have a general obsession with aerospace technologies. My educational focus was in electronics, but more specifically in the field of Avionics. Upon graduation, I spent 3 years employed by one of the nations leading avionics companies. These experiences enhanced my intrigue as I was able to paint a more intimate picture of what goes into modern day flight systems.

 You’ve have a background in engineering. How has that contributed to what you do at ReVamp?

I did work in a Rockwell Collins engineering lab as a test technician. My main focus was to test and troubleshoot an particular RF system by referencing our provided Accepted Test Procedures. While employed there I was introduced to an in depth LEAN Electronics program. I am able to modify that LEAN philosophy to apply to ReVamp, which in turn creates an efficient work environment.

 What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from a mentor?

 One of the most influential mentors I had the pleasure of being around helped me cultivate a healthy philosophy of life. There were 4 interconnected points that he emphasized for my life’s focus:

“Cultivate your Inner Quiet” – Training myself to accept and prosper within my inner quiet helps me to clearly see not only what is around me, but what is inside of me as well.

“Live in the moment” – Life is made up of long spans between accomplishments and goals. It is easy to focus on the struggle and hardships along the way, but mental energy is better spent enjoying the journey.

“You can’t save time, you can only spend it” – Using time wisely is more beneficial than rushing to try to reach an end. The world provides us with many signs, both good and bad. A hurried mind blows past these signs, seeing nothing more than a blur.

“Go with the flow” – Advantage is gained through neutralizing opposing forces rather than struggling to meet force with force. Going with the flow enables the ability to work with, not against any circumstances in our lives.

 You’ve lived in multiple cities before Chicago, including Denver and Iowa City. What are your favorite parts about living in the Windy City?

As a foodie and self-proclaimed music snob, this city has the best of both worlds. The variety and quality in food options in Chicago cannot be overlooked. It seems there is always a new option that will pleasure my taste buds. Along with all of the great food, Chicago grants access to a lot of live music. Concerts are a plenty, spanning across all genres.

 The thing with growing companies is that you grow with them. What advice would you give to yourself back when you just started out at ReVamp?

Think big. I knew that the potential was great in ReVamp when I took my first position, but I had only considered the tip of the iceberg. Recognizing the grand scope of things would have enhanced the way that I worked strategized in the earlier stages of my role.


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