5 Minutes with our CVO, David Sharma

You might have remembered David before ReVamp Electronics became ReVamp Wholesale. While being energetic, intelligent, goofy, and honest, David is an integral part of owning our success here at ReVamp, and he’s passionate about forward progress. We sat down with David for 5 minutes to discuss his role at ReVamp, some of his daily practices, his work philosophies, and what inspires him.

How did you become the Chief Visionary Officer of ReVamp?

I actually started as the COO when Anant and I were building iRevamp Electronics in 2010. Last year, we saw the need that in order for ReVamp to survive past us, we needed a long-term strategic thinker to vision up to 100 years into the future, and Anant and I thought I would be the best person to step into this new role. While my passion has primarily been in the operations of business, I’ve always seen myself as a forward thinker because I have a drive that never lets me be settled and have a knack for anticipating what is coming next and creating to fill that space and that’s what I’ve been bringing into this position. 

Where do you want ReVamp to go in the future?

“The Vision of ReVamp Electronics is to become the world’s leading distributor of device repair components and accessories through our performance, our team and dedication to our core values.”

I wrote this vision statement with CEO Anant Handa and my best friend for 22+ years. We had many talks and dreams as kids about what type of empire we would build and where we could see it going. I see ReVamp as being a company that outlives it’s owners. The definition of ReVamp is an act of improving the form, structure or appearance of something. No matter in what direction it goes, the vision will be that there are always more areas to improve, more problems to solve and more growth that is always possible.

As an organization gets larger there can be a tendency for the “institution” to dampen the “inspiration.” How do you keep this from happening?

With our growth over the last couple of years we have implemented more policies and procedures that have made the company more structured. I believe that inspiration is fueled when any member of ReVamp believes that they have the power to make growthful change to how we run. I think if you’re deciding to be no more than your job position, you’re more likely to cause that dampening situation.

We encourage employees to give their feedback and suggestions through our management open door policy of communication. We routinely utilize employees for idea generation by handing out suggestion sheets as well as email surveys. As a result, we have had warehouse staff members come up with suggestions on how to boost our revenue and sales interns brainstorming products and brand names.

How do you incorporate visioning within the company?

It all starts from myself by being as dynamic and honest as I can be in each work meeting and interaction with a team member. Every day I begin with the determination to bring contagious energy and enthusiasm when I collaborate whether it’s in the office or out of it. I like knowing that I am constantly evolving and that growth happens moment by moment. If I orient to a personal and positive purpose, progress is inevitable. This philosophy helps me lead by example and support employees to bring forth their best selves.

One thing I do that throws people off sometimes is to speak to people as if I’m seeing them living in their higher vision, almost unapologetically. Not everyone is used to being seen higher than they see themselves. This revs up both our abilities to learn and grow in every moment and be as headstrong to make meaningful connections with out team and our customers.

What are your work philosophies?

“Work is play and play is work.” 

“Don’t make excuses, make changes.”

“Struggling does not mean failing.”

Get Satisfied.”

What are your daily practices to stay focused?

Breathing. I know that sounds obvious, but I’m not talking about autonomous breathing that we all do to survive, but the conscious moments in the day where I stop what I’m doing and take a few deep breaths into my diaphragm and check in with my emotional and cognitive state. It is immensely grounding and a great reminder for me to be present.

Planning. Having a plan is imperative to any form of success. I use it as a map to orient to throughout my day so it informs where I was and where I’m going.

Exercise. This helps me mentally and physically. Period. 

What’s really inspiring to you?

Everything around me becomes inspiring when I choose to be in a growth mindset.  I go for being inspired more often throughout the day by paying more attention to my surroundings. Since last year I have found that I am most inspired by employees at ReVamp. They have grown leaps and bounds in terms of their leadership, their core values, and their performance. They take in feedback that is given to them and they make positive change out of it for themselves and for the company as a whole. I am constantly inspired when I see people choose to go for more satisfaction in the workplace.

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