5 Links That Peaked Our Interest This Week

Here in Chicago, we are constantly on the go. All the time spent in transit gives us plenty of extra minutes to, well, goof off on our phones. Below we’ve included a few links that peaked our interest during all those CTA delays.

1. Tossup (Video)

We all hate those group messages where you’re receiving responses for hours on end. A simple, but not necessarily revolutionary solution to that is Tossup, an app developed by Microsoft. Tossup allows you to get a fast answer from your friends, all with the click of a button. Vital to the internet world? Hardly, but it still peaked our interest.

2. How Many iPhones Does it Take to Stop a Bullet (Video)

We’re really not sure of what to think of this one, but we will ask you kindly not to try this at home.

3. How Metal is Apple Music?

From the fine intellects at Buzzfeed, comes a compelling scientific outlining how “metal” Apple Music is. While we won’t include any spoilers, we will say that you might want to put on your best-kept Pantera record for this one!

4. Full Lineup of Colors for Upcoming iPod Refresh

We thought the iPod was dead, but according to MacRumors that might not be the case. That aside, may we request “Zombie Green” Apple, you know, in honor of the undead.

5. People Already Selling Their Apple Watches on Craigslist

While the concept is still a novelty, many Apple Watch users are not impressed enough with the Apple Watch to keep it.

-By: Jessica Kristnofe, Director of Customer Relations

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