5 Minutes with our CEO, Anant Handa

A lot of what makes working at ReVamp Wholesale so special is the man at the helm, our CEO, Anant Handa. Not only is Anant dedicated to the company and to our customers, but he’s also committed to his team. We sat down with Anant for 5 minutes to discuss his career, ReVamp, and his favorite sports team, the Chicago Bulls.

Where did the idea for ReVamp Electronics come from?

ReVamp Electronics was founded in my college apartment. The company’s mission was to serve one main purpose-repair and recycle electronics in the global marketplace to create an overall longer life cycle. My first deal consisted of 13 broken iPod Minis (Yes, iPod Minis, not iPad Minis!) that I taught myself to refurbish and resold a few days later. The rest is history. A few years later we became one of the largest online mail-in repair depots in the nation for smart devices. In September 2013, we pivoted the path of the company and have since become one of the nation’s largest distributors for wireless repair parts and accessories.

What does your typical day look like?

My typical day commences at the gym early in the morning where I mentally envision and prioritize what I need to accomplish for the day. Once I arrive at the office, I deal with a combination of emails, calls, Asana tasks and meetings. The remainder of the day consists of business development, operations and project management, as well as checking in with remote employees. A large part of my role is establishing the company’s goals and standards, as well as implementing the strategic plan that guides the overall direction and success of the company. One of the most productive things that I do is to listen—listen to my team, my stakeholders and my customers, so that we can provide the best product and service possible.

If you had chosen another career what do you think you might have done?

I most likely would have searched for a career at a tech start-up and attempted to move up the ladder from the ground up. Real-estate is also another interest of mine, which I will pursue later down the road.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had, and how have you used that experience to shape ReVamp Electronics?

To be honest, I haven’t had a job that I’ve truly disliked. I think the jobs that I did have taught me the value money and gave me the drive to earn it. I also met a lot of great people who I am still friends with today. However, the one main conclusion I gathered from those jobs was that I wanted to work for myself and build something great with great people.

What’s one trend that really excites you?

3D printing is very exciting to me! Seeing the next industrial revolution unfold in front of our eyes is truly inspiring.

You have known several people on your team for many years. Describe what it was like going into business with some of your best friends. What are the best and worst parts?

I think this is one of the most unique aspects of our company. I have known our senior management team for an average of 15+ years. A lot of people say don’t do business with friends or family. I have to disagree. It’s all about loyalty. I trust my management team like I trust my siblings. Even if we don’t always see eye to eye, we are able to give each other feedback and we always land a little bit farther than we were before. It has allowed us to create an intense passion and drive for the success of ReVamp and our team. From what I have heard, Warren Buffet feels the same way!

Rumor has it you’re a pretty big fan of the Chicago Bulls. How’s that working out for ya?

Rumor is correct. I am a big fan of the Chicago Bulls and have been since I was a little boy. Actually, fact be told, my mother has a tape (yes cassette tape) of David, our CVO, and I recording the Chicago Bulls classic pre-game introduction when we were 7 years old! I think the team has the talent to make a Championship run, but has lacked consistent management and coaching. We’ll see how the Iowa boy does next season!

If there is one thing you want your customers to know about ReVamp Electronics, what would that be?

I would like our customers to know that we are not some large corporate conglomerate. Our company operates as a large family and we’re normal-great-people just like everyone else. Our team works very hard and applies our core values to serve our customers the best that we can.

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