Repair Tip of the Week: Magnetizing Screw Drivers!

There’s nothing worse than losing screws while performing a repair. Not only is it a waste of time, but it’s quite embarrassing to end up on your hands and knees rummaging across the floor for these tiny little guys.

An easy solution to relegate this problem.. magnetizing your screwdriver sets!


With our magnetizers, you can quickly and easily magnetize (and de-magnetize!) all of your screwdrivers. To magnetize; simply insert the end into the ‘magnetize’ hole. Reversely, to de-magnetize, you can run your screwdriver tip through the ‘demagnetize’ whole. This will remove the magnetization until you are ready for it again. You can switch from magnetized to de-magnetized as frequently as you want! There is no maximum life cycle to magnetization.

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