More Updates!

We’ve just passed the halfway mark for the year 2015, and we certainly got the ball rolling! The year is far from over however, and while we have lots of exciting things in the works, we figured we’d give you a quick update as to what we’ve been up to, and what you have to look forward to!


We’re going to CTIA and would love for you to join us! Click the banner below for information regarding our booth location as well as how you can register for a free hall pass!


Memorial Day Barbecue

Given that many members of our warehouse team are veterans, we decided to close our operations early for a barbecue! Check out the video below and thank you to all of our customers who served our country!

iPad Mini Grade A++ Digitizer Assemblies Now Available

Many of you really like our iPad Mini Grade A++ digitizers, but wish they included the small parts, like the ReNū screens. Thanks to your great feedback, we started manufacturing iPad Mini Grade A++ Digitizer Assemblies!

These assemblies include:

  • 1 x iPad Mini Digitizer Assembly (Grade A++) (Black)
  • Pre-Installed Heat Activated Adhesive
  • Pre-Installed Home Button Circuit
  • Pre-Installed Camera Catch
  • Pre-Soldered IC Chip

We love hearing from our customers! Have suggestion for us? Email us at or give us a call at (312) 450-7265.

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