5 Great Fitness Apps

It’s that time of year again-summer is just around the corner, the weather is hopefully getting bearable, and you need to up your fitness game, stat! Fear not friends! We hand picked 5 Great Fitness apps to motivate you to be your best self!

1) Charity Miles

Availablity: iOs and Android

Cost: Free

What if you could use your workout to benefit more than just you? That’s the main idea behind Charity Miles, the app that donates to charity every time you log in. How does it work? Simply open up the app, select your charity, and a corporate sponsor will donate 25 cents for every mile you run or walk, and 10 cents for every mile you bike!

2) MapMyFitness

Availability: iOs and Android

Cost: Free/ Optional $5.99 monthly

From the company that makes MapMyRun and MapMyCycle, comes MapMyFitness is an all-inclusive fitness tracker. This app has everything from vmi and calorie calculators to food trackers, and allows you to preset you workout goals. You can also upload your exercising routes to Facebook, for the satisfying humble brag.

3) Strava

Availability: iOS and Android

Cost: Free for Basic, $6.00/ month for Premium

Strava was made for people with more of a competitive edge. By logging all your runs, rides, and cross training sessions, the app encourages you to not only compete with yourself, but with other people nearby who have the app and have done your routes. You can also sign up for ongoing run and ride challenges, motivating you to bring your A-Game to each workout.

4) Zombies, Run!

Availability: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

This might be our favorite app on this list! Zombies, Run! is perfect for anyone who has a knack for adventure, or wants to turn their run into a game. With this app, you’ll be told your mission through your headphones as you run. Zombies on your heels? Run faster! The app also allows you to track your missions and upload your stats to social media, if you don’t get caught that is..

5) Up Coffee!

Availability: iOS only

Cost: Free

Sweet sweet caffeine! What began as a way to start the day quickly turned into an unhealthy dependency, perhaps until now. With Up Coffee! by Jawbone, enter a few specs about yourself, like weight and caffeine tolerance,  and then begin logging your caffeine intake. From there, the app will estimate when your caffeine will wear off. While it might not quell your addiction completely, it will give you the visual needed to either inspire you to cut back, or at least when to go for the water instead, in order to get a better night’s sleep.

-By: Jessica Kristnofe, Director of Customer Relations

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