10 Great Apps to Help Relieve Stress and Manage Your Day

No one is at 100%, 100% of the time as much as we’d like to think otherwise. Sometimes, stress and anxiety can be more than enough to halt our productivity and decrease the day-to-day quality of our relationships. The great thing about hand-held technology is that at it’s best, it can be used as a tool, and many developers have jumped on board to create apps that help with stress, and to also get us back in the game. Below we’ve included a list of 5 great apps to help curb anxiety, as well as 5 apps to keep you stay organized once you’re ready to bounce back.

5 Apps to Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

1. Pacifica

Available For: Android and iOs

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Geared to helping with anxiety, Pacifica is a great app for anyone looking to find their anxiety triggers, track them, and learn to work through them. Not only does it allow you to rate and track your mood, but it provides breathing and relaxation exercises to help resume your focus and get you back in the game.

2. Breathe2Relax

Available For: Android and iOs

One of the more basic apps on the list, Breath2Relax’s purpose is to use guided diaphragm breathing to quell stress and reduce anger. Like other apps in this list, it also lets you record and keep track of your stress levels.

3. Headspace 

Available For: Android and iOs

While it’s one of the most expensive apps of its kind ($6.24-$12.95/month, after free 10-day trial,) many of it’s subscribers find it worth the price tag. Billed as the “personal trainer for your mind,” Head Space introduces you to basic level meditation and teaches you to use it to organize your thoughts, and improve your focus and relationships.

4. I Can Be Free

Available For: Android and iOs

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This app uses relaxation and hypnosis to help you target specific fears, from flying to public speaking any everything in between. At $2.99 a session, you only pay for what you need. Well worth the money for anyone who has pinpointed their cause of anxiety and wants to get rid of it.

5. Worry Watch

Available For: iOs Only

You ever find yourself worried about the outcome of one specific thing, only to find it turned out better than how you originally thought it would? With Worry Watch, you can document those worries along with their outcome, so the next time the same situation or something similar comes up, you can reference it and trust preemptively that the situation will turn out okay.

5 Apps to Help Manage Productivity


Available For: Android and iOs

A ReVamp Wholesale favorite, Asana is a project management system that allows you to assign tasks and due dates electronically to yourself as well as your employees. From there you an add notes and followers who will also be monitoring the completion of the task. Once it’s completed, check it off to let everyone know the “to-do” is now a “to-done!”

2. Drop Box

Available For: Android and iOs

Cloud based Drop Box is great for organizations where multiple team members needs to have continuous access to company documents. Bare minimum, this initially free app is great to use as backup storage for all your files and photos.

3. Google Drive

Available For: Android and iOs

Yet another ReVamp preferred app, we love Google Drive because it allows us to edit, and collaborate on group documents real time without the hassle of emailing edited documents back and forth.

4. Trello

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.35.17 PM

Available For: Android and iOs

If Pintrest and Asana had a baby, it would be Trello. Trello allows you to create bulletin boards that you can use for anything from task assignment to group brainstorming sessions. It’s highly customizable and is great for sharing visual ideas across your team.

5. Last Pass

Available For: Android and iOs

If you’re like us, we have thousands of passwords for all of our logins and often forget which password goes to which site etc. With Last Pass, you’re able to not only keep track of all your passwords in one place, but the app can generate new passwords if need be, and automatically fill in those passwords on your mobile device. Now you can use all the free time you no longer spend trying to remember what your passwords are for more important things..like finding your keys!

-By: Jessica Kristnofe, Director of Customer Relations

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