The Apple Watch- To Buy or Not To Buy..

Our collective fascination with wrist-size technology can go as far back as the early days of the James Bond films. With the relatively recent rise of handheld devices however, that intrigue fallen by the way side a bit. Even still, from businesses to consumers, we still carry a slight curiosity, a curiosity that various brands have tried to spark gradually over the last decade.

With the release of the Apple Watch this month, our casual interest has turned into a mid-level mania, thanks largely in part to Apple’s humble followers. But is it worth the craze?


Aesthetic: If you’re going to wear something on your wrist all day, you want it to look good. In terms of appearance, the Apple Watch doesn’t disappoint. It’s sleek design paired with a variety of different bands makes it versatile from weekday to weekend.

Syncing Capability: The Apple Watch can sync to newer iPhone models allowing you to see email, Facebook, and other app notifications. It also allows you to make calls and dictate messages so you can retain basic phone function without having to use your phone. You can also customize app notifications so you can be in control of what pops up on the screen.


Battery Life: While it might not require the same charging frequency of your phone, with an up to 18 hour battery life, the Apple Watch will need to be at least charged overnight. Also, the constant communication between your Apple Watch and your iPhone will cause both devices to drain.

Limited Function Without iPhone: If you’re an Android user, the Apple Watch might be a little less useful than an iPod attached to your wrist and a lot more expensive.

Cost: Starting at $349 for the Apple Watch Sport, and going up to $17,000 for the Apple Watch 18 Karat Gold Case Edition, to most people, purchasing this device would be an investment.

Long Story Short:

At the end of the day, the Apple Watch, like other smart watches, is a cool gadget that isn’t entirely necessary. That being said, if you’re an iPhone user and have the dough to shell out of it, it might be the tool you need to help quell your smartphone addiction.

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-By: Jessica Kristnofe, Director of Customer Relations

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