Our iPhone 6 Inventory is Expanding!

You might remember a while back where we talked about revamping our inventory grades. In order to improve our inventory options to you, we went ahead and did it again for the iPhone 6 series!

In addition to the iPhone 6 OEM Grade ReNū and the Grade B LCD assemblies, we will now be offering Grade A++, A++ With Small Parts, A+, and Grade A assemblies.

We’ve gotten great feedback from you so far, but a few questions keep popping up, the biggest being the differences between each grade assembly. Allow us to clarify. When our factory creates a batch of screens, they are scanned for quality in terms of durability and possible imperfections. From there, the screen is assigned a grade.

ReNū LCD Assemblies: The top tier in terms of quality, these parts are OEM grade and are in a league all their own!

Grade A++/ A++ With Small Parts Assemblies: Apart from our ReNū line, these screens are in the top 10% yield  in terms of appearance, durability and overall quality.

Grade A+ Assemblies: If the screen is still of superior quality but just below Grade A++ specifications, it gets assigned the Grade A+ ranking. These screens are in the top 20% yield. While we don’t have them available for the iPhone 6’s just yet, we plan on having them in stock in the near future.

Grade A Assemblies: These assemblies boast excellent quality and are in the top 40% yield.

Grade B Assemblies: The bottom tier in which we provide our customers but still of great functional quality, our Grade B assemblies could come with up to 3 minor cosmetic defects that are usually invisible to the naked eye. These are in the top 60% yield.

The bottom 40% yield is considered to be Grade C quality. We will not be carrying this grade of assemblies.

Still have questions about the parts we offer? Give us a call at (312) 450-7265 or email us at support@revampwholesale.com!

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