Introducing Our New Simple Snap Warranty Process

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As a way of improving our services to you, we went ahead and removed some of the leg work from our Simple Snap warranty process. Moving forward, instead of handling the warranty yourself or having your customer contact us directly, you can now send them to the Simple Snap Warranty Page.

We’ve made the process easy by treating warranty claims like placing an order. Once at the warranty page, your customers will be prompted to register, select the model they need replaced, provide an order number or uploaded proof of purchase, and pay a small processing and shipping fee. No fine print, no red tape, and no waiting weeks to receive a replacement Simple Snap.

Below, we’ve included a list of questions you may have about our Simple Snap warranty:

What kind of damage is covered under the Simple Snap warranty?

Simple Snap’s lifetime warranty covers cracks or breakage to the screen protector, as well as any manufacturer or instillation defect.

What kind of information will my customer need to provide when submitting a claim?

Your customer will need to provide their name, contact information, shipping address, proof of purchase such as a receipt or order number, as well as payment information for the processing and shipping fee.

How much is the processing and shipping fee?

The processing and shipping fee is determined by the model of Simple Snap being replaced, and therefore varies.

Can I still submit a Simple Snap warranty replacement through your RMA system?

Our RMA system is intended for strictly ReVamp Wholesale merchandise. We request that all Simple Snap warranty claims are filed through the warranty page.

I included the Simple Snap in the cost of the repair, can my customer still submit a warranty claim?

Your customer is able to file a claim as long as the Simple Snap screen protector is included in a separate line of the receipt and is listed at the correct MSRP.

Do handwritten receipts count?

They do provided we are able to verify with the seller that they authorized the proof of purchase.

My customer lost their receipt. Can they still file a claim?

Without a proof of purchase, we cannot honor the Simple Snap lifetime warranty and therefor cannot accept the claim.

If you or your customers have any additional questions, please call us at (312) 450-7265 or email us at

-Your Team at ReVamp Wholesale

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