Is Less Actually More? Apple Rumored to be Going Back to Basics with a Smaller iPhone 6C

Thinner body, bigger screens, smaller curve. While we tend to geek out over the inside of our mobile devices, what sells us is the outside. Lately the the trend has been “Bigger is better.” From the the Galaxy Notes, to the iPhone 6 Plus, and even the Nexus 6, consumers have been enjoying their larger screens.

And the data doesn’t lie either. Apple CEO said the 6 series has brought the biggest switch over from Android users over the past three years.

A new rumor has been circulating saying that Apple is planning on releasing a 4 inch iPhone 6C. With the huge success of the larger iPhone 6 screens, wouldn’t that be a step backwards? Maybe not. While on paper a larger screen may seem better, in actuality it might not be, especially for those of us with smaller hands. A 4 inch 6C might not convert more Android users, but it could encourage people holding on to their 5 series phones to upgrade.

Size comparison of the 6 Plus, the 6, and the rumored 6C.
Size comparison of the 6 Plus, the 6, and the rumored 6C.

With the anticipated release dates of the new iPhone 6’s to be in the early fall, it’s still all just speculation. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with more details as they gather, along with when you can expect parts for the impending devices.

In the meantime, let us know what you think!

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