Winter is Coming: Tips For Managing Impending Shipping Delays

We know how important it is to receive your orders on time. A late shipment could mean anything from a minor inconvenience to a huge hit for your business. Unfortunately, the impending winter weather comes with a dramatic spike in late shipments. What makes matters worse is that carriers DO NOT COMPENSATE for late shipments due to weather. In turn, ReVamp Wholesale will not either.

Fear not though! Below we’ve included a list of tips to help your business get you through the next 6 months or so of winter.

 1. Create Realistic Expectations For Your Customers:

Some of you might have heard members of our team say, “Baring weather conditions, your package will arrive tomorrow.” It’s important to remind customers the huge role weather plays in shipping efficiency. Knowing the likelihood of a delay in a repair will make them less surprised should it occur.

2. Expect the Unexpected

One thing living in Chicago has taught our team, is that weather conditions could change at any time, and to be prepared for the worst case scenario. When looking at your inventory, think about the types of repairs the colder months bring, and how you would fair in the event you couldn’t get an item shipped ASAP.

 3. Plan Ahead

It might be sunny and 60 degrees at your Florida location, but the rest of the country could be under a foot of snow. Something we recommend is to keep a healthy stock handy of all your major assemblies. What might seem costly up front, could spare you the hit of losing a customer for a part being out of stock.

Here at, we are dedicated in providing you the best experience though hurricanes and polar vortexes alike. If you have any questions about weather shipping operations, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Relations team at (312) 450-7265, or at!

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