Back to the Future: Could “Vintage” Phones be the Next Big Thing?

From the days of the car phone, to those indestructible brick-like Nokias, onto the Motorolla Razor craze and beyond, mobile phones have had quite the evolution over the past decade and a half. The industry’s progress has been marked by the consumer’s need for efficiency as well as the consistent question of “Wouldn’t it be cool if..?” Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a phone, a GPS, and a camera all in one? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could make this device waterproof? Wouldn’t it be cool if we went back to the days of the flip phone?

Wait.. what?!

Yes you just read that correctly. Not only are flip phones still being made, but new ones are coming out!

Old school.

In attempt to appeal to older generations who may only want to use their phones for a few basic tasks, Samsung recently released their new phone called the “Master” to the South Korean market. The Master comes with a 3 inch screen, 2G and 3G radios, a pedometer, an FM radio, as well as a faux leather feel similar to the Galaxy S5.

Meanwhile in Japan, flip phones have retained a steady market over the years. Referred to as the “gara-kei,” a shortened term for the negatively connoted “Galapagos phones,” these featured devices are seen as something that would not exist outside of Japan. Still, even with the growing popularity of smartphones, gara-kei consumers have stayed loyal to the point where there is still profit involved.

With the Samsung Master now released, it is clear that there is at least a small market for people that that want to use there phones simply as phones. While it’s unlikely something similar will take traction in the U.S anytime soon, there is still a possibility it might. If the flip phone regains power in the market, how might this affect your business? With Samsung being one if their biggest competitors, do you think Apple will get on board with this potential new craze, or is the flip phone just a throwback that will be another flash in the pan. Let us know what you think! Leave a comment below or email our Operations Manager, Jessica, at In the meantime, you can rest assured knowing that ReVamp Wholesale will be here for all your phone parts needs, even if that means flip phones!


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