Osmo and Making Gaming More Interactive

You hear the conversation all the time. You know the one that starts with, “Kids these days” and involves something about them being figuratively glued to a screen. We love our technology, and even the little ones have tuned themselves into our obsession. The biggest complaint about all this is that adults and kids alike are less likely to interact face to face, and more inclined to entertain themselves with a phone, computer, television, or tablet.

The beautiful thing about this industry is that it exists purely because of innovation. When a consumer voices concern, the market will act accordingly. With the biggest social problem in this industry being the lack of person to person to interaction, the solution would be to find a way where people can be gadget savvy, but still have to communicate with one another outside a device. Not only would this solve the issue, but it would bring new opportunities for the consumer and the market alike.

One company that’s making strides in interactive gaming is Tangible Play, the makers of Osmo. Osmo takes virtual gaming to a new level. By using a small mirror placed over an iPad’s camera causing it to look downward, the game responds to your hand movements on a table and not on the screen. With three different interactive and multi player games, the player is kept present, while still being engaged.


Since Osmo is currently in it’s crowd funding period, you can pre order it now for $49, but it will eventually retail for $99.

Where do you see the interactive gaming industry going? Will you be purchasing an Osmo?

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