Going the Distance for Autism

It is estimated that an average of 1 out of 88 children are born on the Austism spectrum. With a statistic that alarming, it is very likely that you love someone with autism, or know someone who does. Anant Handa, owner of Revamp Wholesale, can certainly relate. Having a cousin with Autism, Anant has seen first hand the ups and downs of the illness as well as how far even a little bit of help can go.


(Anant’s cousin, Jules!)

Because of this, Anant Handa and the team at ReVamp Wholesale were happy to make a donation to Go the Distance for Autism, a biking event taking place on May 4th in Paramus, NJ, on behalf of Team Bubbles. With this donation, he along with the rest of the team hope to increase awareness and compassion for those with the disorder, as well as benefit the many great organizations striving to make people on the spectrum live happy and fulfilling lives.

Please join us in our fight by clicking the links included above. You can show your support with a monetary donation, or simply by spreading the message of Go the Distance for Autism.

We wish the bikers a safe and enjoyable ride!

-ReVamp Wholesale Team

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